Top Reasons Why Miami AC Repair Centers Should Focus on Efficiency

September 27, 2013 · · Industry News · 0 Comments


Despite the fact that power bills are progressively getting smaller, many people still don’t realize that one of the highest drivers of electricity consumption in a home is the air conditioner. The average consumption cost of $395 is still rather high compared to other countries; luckily, there are many easy steps consumers can take to lower their electric bills substantially without sacrificing comfort. Given that the world is still dependent on fossil fuels for nearly 70% of its energy, the need to save becomes even more apparent as the world adjusts to update its power infrastructure, as noted by the Energy Information Administration: (more…)

Miami Air Conditioning Repair Services Respond to Global Warming

September 26, 2013 · · Industry News · 0 Comments


Throughout America, one can see the effects of global warming, which can be especially intense in warmer states such as Florida. The long summer there can be very difficult to get through, with many cases of heat stroke and exhaustion reported throughout June, July, and August. What really makes it swelter in this area is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which causes humidity levels to skyrocket at certain times. offers a rather grim forecast: (more…)

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