Eco-friendly Air Conditioning

At Evo Air we offer high efficiency air conditioning solutions through our Commitment to Green practices. Knowing that air conditioners and the products used to maintain and repair them can be potentially harmful to the environment we take every precaution to follow environmentally sound practices.

By offering high efficiency and environmentally friendly air conditioners we provide the highest return on investment for our customers and in turn help minimize any harmful effects to the environment. Using equipment like programmable t-stats, VAV boxes and variable frequency drives is how we fulfill that promise.

Through eco-friendly, highly efficient air conditioning, we also cut down on energy consumption and eliminate environmentally harmful situations. For example, when installing a new air conditioning system we use environmentally safe R410a refrigerant. This ensures our customers remain informed and eco-conscious.

We follow through with our environmentally conscious methods by properly disposing of harmful chemicals, using fuel efficient vehicles, recycling metal parts and using stationery made of recycled paper.