With the prediction that this year’s winter is going to be harsher than normal, especially in the Midwest and the East Coast, more Americans will likely be heading to cities like Miami, Florida, where the weather is warmer. For this reason, Miami hotel operators should brace themselves for a busy winter season. Related to this, Andrew Bender writes in Forbes.com, that hotel rooms and their facilities should always be kept well-maintained, including the rooms’ air conditioning systems.

Hotel room maintenance. Shoddy equipment in the room: coffee makers or lights that don’t work, dead batteries in the TV remote control, etc.

General issues of room cleanliness, room smell, heating, ventilation and air-con – a tie. Case in point: hotel AC and heating systems can be hard to control, and guests can’t adjust the settings to their preferences. This creates a Goldilocks effect of rooms being too hot or too cold.

So what’s the best solution for hotel operators?

“First off,” McGregor says, “preventing problems is the most satisfying thing for guests.” It’s completely within a hotel’s control to monitor room maintenance, cleanliness and properly operating facilities, as well as not nickel-and-diming guests.

Traveling to Miami at the height of the winter season may cost a lot, so guests have every right to expect the best value for their money. While these travelers’ main intention is to escape Old Man Winter’s wrath, they certainly would not want to be staying in hotel rooms which feel like giant microwaves. Thus, before the influx of guests, hotel operators must check that their cooling systems are operating efficiently; and if not, they should consider calling on reliable Miami air conditioning repair services.

Among the most common problems that require professional Miami air conditioning repair is refrigerant leaks. In-house hotel maintenance workers often tackle this problem by adding a refrigerant; however, well-trained AC technicians typically approach the situation more methodically and in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, a typical guest complaint is a noisy air conditioner, which is something that skilled commercial air conditioning repair services can easily resolve.

When winter reaches extreme temperature levels, people have more reason to head for cities like Miami where they can feel comfortable. In return, hotel operators need to ensure that their guests enjoy their stay by having their air conditioning systems maintained and repaired by trusted air conditioning specialists like Evo Air.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Americans’ Biggest Complaints About Hotels, Forbes.com)