Educating Customers on Energy Efficiency

Energy ConsultingHaving a consultant to aid you with money-saving and energy conservation tips is an ideal situation. At Evo Air, our representatives are trained to provide these during in-home or office visits, a welcome service for all homeowners since optimizing air conditioner efficiency is always a priority in Miami.

Here are the ways Evo Air reps provide those tips:

  • Analyzing your air conditioning unit for maximum efficiency
  • Reviewing your Florida Power & Light bill
  • Discussing possible air leaks, moisture control, inefficient lighting and outdated appliances

By evaluating both the air conditioning water heating systems, the two largest consumers of electricity in the home, they can determine ways to get a return on investment of approximately 20%. This is accomplished by providing free estimates on the best high efficiency air conditioning units, hybrid or solar water heaters and heat recovery systems. They will also conduct blower door tests and check for proper attic insulation.

It’s in providing these vital energy consulting services that our air conditioning experts can help you cut down on costs, a vital commodity in these tough economic times.