When it comes to Miami, most people immediately think of the beach and sunny weather. In fact, many who don’t live in the state of Florida consider moving to the area in the hope of getting to enjoy year-long warm weather. What they, and even some residents, don’t realize is that just like most places in the country, Miami also gets a significant drop in temperature in the autumn and winter months, as well as during heavy rains.

This makes having a furnace necessary. While air conditioning repair in Miami is common, furnace maintenance is just as important. Since the area does not have cool temperatures for a good portion of the year, furnaces tend to remain unused for extended periods. This reduces the potential of wear on the systems, but also leads to them being neglected. Then, when they suddenly need to be used, they might fail to work at a hundred percent, or at all. As shared in an article recently posted on MiamiHerald.com:

Heating pros tell our team that 75 percent of emergency winter calls can be attributed to lack of maintenance. A neglected heating system may break down when you most need it. It can also lead to higher energy bills. In the worst-case scenario, an untended furnace may emit colorless, odorless but deadly carbon monoxide.

As the last quarter of the year begins, professionals recommend homeowners to take the opportunity to have their thermal systems checked before the busy holiday season sets in. As mentioned in the same MiamiHerald.com story:

An inspection and tuneup will help ensure that your heating system is winter-ready, safe and efficient.

Our consumer-services researchers found that the price of a furnace inspection can start as low as $65 to $85. But the cost of neglecting furnace maintenance can be high, not only in terms of cost, but in convenience and safety.

Finding a professional to do the job is not as difficult as it seems. More often than not, professionals who specialize in the repair and maintenance of heating furnaces are also those who do the same for air conditioning in Miami.

(Info from Living Smart: Furnace maintenance, MiamiHerald.com, October 3, 2013)