Throughout America, one can see the effects of global warming, which can be especially intense in warmer states such as Florida. The long summer there can be very difficult to get through, with many cases of heat stroke and exhaustion reported throughout June, July, and August. What really makes it swelter in this area is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which causes humidity levels to skyrocket at certain times. NPR.org offers a rather grim forecast:

Temperatures will continue to rise in America, “with the next few decades projected to see another 2 degrees [Fahrenheit] to 4 degrees [Fahrenheit] of warming in most areas,” according to the latest National Climate Assessment, which came out Friday afternoon.

That means we can expect to see more “extreme weather events,” according to the report, such as heavy precipitation — particularly in the Northeast and Midwest — and intense Atlantic hurricanes. Other parts of the U.S. will experience heat waves and droughts, especially in the West.

By 2100, U.S. temperatures are projected to rise 3 to 5 degrees, under the most optimistic estimates — and 5 to 10 degrees if global greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase.

With the global rise in temperatures, the need for air conditioning has increased substantially, along with the necessity of taming energy consumption. The advent of advanced technology in the field has helped this cause along, but not all consumers may be aware of the differences among brands and air conditioner models. When it comes to maintenance and air conditioning repair in Miami, consumers will need to choose wisely and narrow their choices down to reputable companies like Evo Air that have made an effort to respond to the challenges of global warming and climate change. These companies provide fast and reliable service, and can inform customers about the relevant energy standards as well as which air conditioner units offer optimum energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, see to it that you shortlist only those Miami air conditioning companies who offer comparable repair and maintenance services and can reasonably back up their claims. Be sure to do your research and look into each prospective contractor’s service record to find the best one for your home or business needs. With rising heat and humidity readings, it’s best to prepare early before the next heat wave comes along.

(From U.S. Will Be 2-4 Degrees Hotter In Coming Decades, New Climate Report Says, npr.org, January 11, 2013)