Hating this heat? Wait until the electric bill arrives

With daily temperatures clocking in at a minimum of 100 degrees, Florida is expecting to see a huge power demand to fuel heavy air-conditioning (AC) use in the coming weeks. According to the Tampa Bay Times, August is likely to be the hottest month of the year in the state, which is another reason why Floridians want to keep their AC units on at all times. This is despite knowing that doing so will result in paying more for energy costs at the end of the month.

Furthermore, keeping the AC on is bound to increase the chances of the unit getting busted at some point. Evo-Air, a company that offers reliable AC repair in Miami, knows that summer in Florida is usually the time when people come to them to have their AC units checked for broken thermostats, bad wiring, or even microorganisms. While these problems are nothing they can’t handle, the company advises their customers to take good care of their units in the first place.

An AC can fall apart if the owner forgets to clean its air filters, thus, increasing the chances of a compressor or fan failure in short notice. The same can be said if the AC is constantly being turned on and off, as this will cause the fuses or circuitry to fail and the compressor and fan to break down. People are therefore advised not to rely solely on their AC units to stave off the heat as this puts them under a lot of pressure; closing the blinds and using ceiling fans are some reasonable alternatives to keep cool indoors.

It was also recommended that AC units undergo routine maintenance checks, especially since refrigerant leaks are quite difficult to detect without professional help. People should also monitor their thermostats to see if they’re working properly, lest they risk paying even more for their electricity bills than just actual usage. The spokeswoman for Duke Energy, one of the largest electric holding companies in the country, recommends that thermostats be set at 78 degrees during hot days for maximum efficiency.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that power demands throughout Florida remain high for the rest of the summer. Duke Energy itself regularly reviews weather forecasts to determine the areas that are most likely to have a great need for electricity. In the meantime, one scientist from the University of South Florida encourages people to limit the time they spend outside so that they wouldn’t have to turn on their AC units that often to cool themselves down.

In the worst case scenario where the AC completely breaks down, homeowners are advised to seek professional help and not attempt repairs by themselves. Evo-Air is one of the few that can provide professional AC repair in Miami, FL. With the way the weather’s behaving nowadays, they’re prepared to handle any AC repair job.