Unlike the residents of most other cities in the country, Miami locals enjoy warm temperatures during wintertime– which means that they have to rely on their air conditioning systems to keep cool. If they have problems with their units, Veg Gear suggests simple DIY steps to get them in working order again, in an article on Voices.yahoo.com.

My heater/air conditioner will not turn on/I just came home and my house is hot/cold.

1. Check you thermostat. Does it need a new battery? Make sure it is set to cool / heat and the temperature is set lower / higher than the temperature of the house. Most of the newer t-stats have a lock out feature to prevent damage to the compressor. If you turn it off and on ( heat to cool or turn the temp up and down ) it will lock out for a preset time, usually 5 to 10 minutes. Some t-stats will flash “cool” on the display while locked out. It will stop flashing and the unit will run after the lock out time has expired.

2. Check the emergency switch. The indoor unit should have a switch, usually with a red switch plate, near the unit.

It is important for homeowners, however, to determine when they can perform DIY repairs, and when it is time to call on professional Miami AC repair services. At first glance, an air conditioning unit may look uncomplicated, with easily-distinguishable parts. Easy tasks like replacing the filters, cleaning, and lubricating the motor can be handled by any homeowner. However, those who are not confident with their DIY skills should leave the job to the professionals to avoid potential disasters that could cost a lot more to repair.

Additionally, there will come a time when it may be more economical to completely replace an air conditioning unit than having it constantly repaired. If a unit is old and bears obvious signs of wear and tear, the smart move may be to invest in a new air conditioning system. Specialists on AC repair in Miami, FL may be relied on to provide innovative solutions to maximize a new AC’s efficiency.

Miami locals may not have to worry about snowstorms, but they do need well-maintained air conditioners to ensure their comfort even during wintertime. When their AC breaks down, simple DIY solutions may fix the problem. For more intensive repairs, however, it is best to rely on the air conditioning experts like those in Evo Air.

(Article Excerpt and Image from DIY Fixes Before Calling the Heating and Air Conditioning Service Man, Voices.Yahoo.com)