Despite the fact that power bills are progressively getting smaller, many people still don’t realize that one of the highest drivers of electricity consumption in a home is the air conditioner. The average consumption cost of $395 is still rather high compared to other countries; luckily, there are many easy steps consumers can take to lower their electric bills substantially without sacrificing comfort. Given that the world is still dependent on fossil fuels for nearly 70% of its energy, the need to save becomes even more apparent as the world adjusts to update its power infrastructure, as noted by the Energy Information Administration:

The average U.S. household electric bill for June through August is expected to total $395, down 2.5% from last summer and the cheapest in four years. Slightly higher electricity prices are expected to be offset by a drop in electricity use to meet lower cooling demand due to forecast milder temperatures this summer compared to last year’s hotter than normal summer.

Average electricity demand is expected to be down 4.6% this summer, while average retail electricity prices are expected to increase 2.2%, according to the EIA’s June Short-Term Energy Outlook. The result is lower power bills for most U.S. households during June, July, and August, when air conditioning is used the most.

It is a remarkable achievement for the environment that power consumption is decreasing; however, the drop could be much higher by simply renovating one’s systems. If you focus, for example, on updating your cooling system to a more efficient one, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year and help the world save on coal and natural gas at the same time. If you live in a warm state such as Florida, you can consult with Miami AC repair experts such as Evo Air to get the highest possible efficiency ratings on your air conditioners.

The Miami, FL ac repair business is generally experiencing increased sales due to the rising heat and humidity levels brought about by global warming. To get the best possible service and information about energy efficiency, you can contact companies with a solid track record in the industry that focus on helping their clients save money.

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