As stated in an article posted on TheAtlanticCities.com, Miami is one of the major cities around the world that arguably developed partly due to the existence of air conditioning (AC), and will most likely perish without it. According to the writer:

Using numbers from NOAA, I found that between 1971-2000, six big cities in the South had an average of at least 3,000 cooling degree days. I also compared the 1940 metro population (when available) to the metro population in 2010. From the time just before air conditioning became popular in the South to today, population growth in the region has skyrocketed. This raises the question: would these hot Southern cities be around, at least in their present form, if air conditioning hadn’t been invented?

That question may be difficult to answer, but it’s easier to imagine what life now in Miami could be like without an AC for most of the year. Businesses might not be able to run as efficiently, with workers and customers having to complete deals in discomfiting heat. Holiday-goers might not flock as much to their vacation homes and entertainment destinations, knowing they won’t have respite from the sun. Given the unquestionable importance of this invention, the value of having reliable AC repair in Miami cannot be understated. A city with establishments that do not have efficient AC systems to begin with can suffer in more ways than one.

Reliable Miami AC repair services are not too hard to find, although there are a good number of companies that provide mediocre output and fail to keep their end of the bargain. Hence, homeowners and business owners should look for a qualified technician who can conduct an expert assessment of the problem. If you are the one seeking a technician, you should also ask him to provide a clear and transparent estimate of the repairs to ensure that you won’t be overpaying.

You may also want to check the contractor’s license number and get some feedback from their previous clients regarding the quality of their work. You should also consider choosing a contractor like Evo Air, which offers eco-friendly solutions and whose products cut down energy consumption and are manufactured using methods that adhere to environmental standards.

(Info from Cities That Wouldn’t Exist Without Air Conditioning, TheAtlanticCities.com, June 29, 2012)